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Fishing with scented twister tails and artificial scented grubs

I have used some of the little scented grubs, artificial scented wax worms and other small things for pan fish during he winter. I tested these by my using these scented products on two holes in my permanent fish house on Mille Lacs lake and my buddy used live bait on his end of the 14 foot long shack.

After a couple of days of getting my butt kicked by about 10 to 1 I started using the scented items on only one rod and minnow heads on the other. Sheesh, at least then I started catching fish on the rod that was using the minnow heads.

We tried this several different times with the scented artificial grubs and the results were the same each time. The fish simply weren't that interested in them and would much rather have the live bait or the minnow heads. I really haven't used them since as they sure didn't improve my fishing. However to be fair this was 15 years ago and they have made improvements since then so all I can say is give it a try.

The only scented artificial baits I've used regularly are the scented twister tails. I know they work better than regular twister tails but not by all that much. The same buddy fished regular unscented twister tails tipped with minnows, leeches or night crawlers on 3- 5 foot leaders.

I fished in exactly the same manner using the scented twister tails and managed to outfish him by a fish or two on every trip. It was just enough to convince me they might work and that they for sure didn't hurt the amount of fish I did catch so I've used them since.

The pro's on TV tell you that the fish hold onto them for second longer because they taste better than non scented artificial baits. I don't know if that'd true or not but I would say the scented twister tails did give me a bit of an advantage.

Best advice I can give you here s to buy some small packages of scented lures and give them a try and see what works for you. I do use the scented twister tails 100% of the time when I'm fishing in conditions that call for casting or trolling and hey are the appropriate bait.

My conclusion is most of them don't work, some seem to hurt and a very, very few seem to help a bit.

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