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The Most Popular Trout Rigs

By Trevor Kugler

In this article I will discuss the most popular trout rigs that can be used while you are trout fishing. I have been fishing for these multi-colored, cold water fish for more than 25 years and have seen and used many trout rigs in that time. There is little doubt that whenever you list the “most popular” anything there will invariably be certain options left out, but I can assure you that these rigs are among the most popular trout rigs that can be used whenever you are fishing for trout.

Trout fishing is as much as ‘art form’ as it is an activity to me, and these trout catching rigs are in many ways the brush that I use to “paint” my art. This type of thinking may seem strange to you, especially seeing as how I do not fly fish, but nonetheless to me trout fishing is in many ways an art. The bottom line is that there is little doubt that when it comes to the most popular trout rigs, the following rigs have to be at the top of the list.

Let’s start with the casting bubble rig. This unique trout fishing rig involves four simple pieces of terminal tackle. A casting bubble, a swivel, a tapered leader, and an artificial fly. You see, a casting bubble is a clear plastic sphere (similar to a bobber) that enables a tradition spin fishermen to fish artificial flies effectively. A casting bubble is also known as a fly fishing bubble and by using one of these simple pieces of fishing gear you can make one of the most effective trout rigs you have ever seen(especially when fishing for trout in lakes).

The next of the trout rigs that I’m going to discuss is a synthetic trout bait rig (sometimes called a Powerbait rig). This rig is for use with Powerbait or similar floating trout bait and involves only 3 simple pieces of terminal tackle. A small barrel small barrel swivel, an egg sinker, and a small treble hook (size 12 treble hooks are perfect). This trout rig is set up with the sinker ‘floating’ on you line while being stopped by the swivel. On the opposite end of the swivel a length of line is added for a leader (12-24 inches long) and the treble hook is attached to the end of the leader. Add your trout bait to your treble hook (using a trout bait press is a great idea!), and this trout rig is cast out and fished on the bottom. When it comes to fishing for stocked or planted trout this is one of the best fishing rigs that you will find.

The last of the rigs that I am going to discuss is live worm rig. This rig is most effective when fished in the flowing waters of a river or stream. For me personally, this is the most effective of all the trout rigs being outlined in this article. This trout rig enables you to fish a live worm effectively in the flowing water of your favorite trout river. The rig involves the use of a set of gang hooks to rig the live worm as bait. If nightcrawlers are being used it’s a good idea to pinch the night crawler in half before rigging the worm on the gang hooks. This allows the worm to fit on the gang hooks perfectly. A live worm rig is extremely effective when fishing while wading in rivers or streams.

The bottom line is that the trout rigs mentioned above are most certainly among the most popular and effective fishing rigs that can be used when fishing for almost any species of freshwater trout.

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