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How to Fish a Walleye - Walleye Fishing Tips

I’m going to give you some very effective walleye fishing tips to make you a better fisherman or woman. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to fish for walleyes you will learn a couple of things here. I’ve been fishing for walleye over 50 years and I could have been a great semi pro walleye fisherman had I chosen to go that way with my fishing life.

My Father, Grandfather and Grandmother taught me walleye fishing and I’ve caught more than my share of big fish but none are hanging on my wall. It takes at least a 13 pound walleye to get that distinction.

Most of the tips I give you are from their tips and techniques but some of them are things I learned along the way as fishing modernized. You’ll be able to do the same and add your own tips as you develop fishing skills. All of the fishing tips are quite easy to use and don’t require any special equipment that the average fisherman doesn’t already have. If you really want to fish walleye effectively and amaze your friends these walleye fishing tips are what you need.

  • Wade cautiously

    IF you’re not in a boat some walleye fishing requires waders. Be careful, don’t trip and for sure try not to make any more noise than you have to. Banging rocks together is not a good thing as you will scare the fish. Casting for fish in the spring can be great fishing. Twister tails work well as do some plugs. Check with your local baitshop to find out which plugs are catching fish.

  • Be there for walleye at the best bite times

    It’s best to be walleye fishing when the fish are at the most active. As a rule the fish will bite better right before and awhile after dark in the spring. This is when you need to be at the lake casting for the fish. You can’t catch them from your house. When it comes to walleye fishing tips you just can’t beat this one. Being there when the walleye are is one of the important rules.

  • Learn a favorite trusted backup technique

    The technique you learn as your backup plan could be anything from live bait or large bucktails. What ever your most trusted technique turns out to be you need to learn everything about it and be able to use it in the dark. My most trusted technique, after all else fails, is a live minnow on a floating jig. I either leave it sit for a few minutes and then reel it ten feet or so and leave it sit or I slowly reel it in. It’s a walleye technique that works very well for me when they stop hitting jigs or plugs in the spring.

    These walleye fishing tips will help you a ton to learn how to fish a walleye. Walleye fishing is one of the most exciting and enjoyable ways to catch fish that can grow to a large size. You just never know when you’re going to hook into a lunker.

    I’ve been fishing for 60 years and I’ll give you one of the tricks I learned on my own. When fishing live bait or even twister tails always use a stinger hook. It doesn’t have to be a large hook as a smaller one will work just as well. You can buy them, now, at any baitshop.

    If you’re thinking about coming to South Dakota to do some walleye fishing you should check out South Dakota Time Shares and if you want to read more walleye fishing tips check out that article or this one Night Fishing Walleyes