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Using Jigging Lures To Catch Bass

Author: Chester Hastings

Often times, a bass that will not strike a plug pulled quickly by its nose will strike vertically jigged lures. Jig heads and other jigging lures, such as spoons, tailspins, and vibrating blades will take fish that ignore plugs. This is especially true in deeper water.

Lead-head jigs use many different attractors to help entice fish. These include rubber or plastic skirts, feathers, hair, or rubber worms or grubs. Another effective enticement is the use of live bait on these lures. A popular attractor used by many bass anglers is a pork jig-and-pig or jig-and-eel. Many jig-heads have weed guards made of nylon bristle. Jigs are fished vertically, bottom bounced, or retrieved in a slow, steady motion.

Jigging spoons are made of metal. Some of these spoons have an unpainted, hammered finish. Other spoons come in a variety of colors and finishes. When bass are holding tight along cliff walls or timber, these lures are a good choice. It is not unusual to use jigging spoons in water up to 50 feet deep.

Tailspins, like the name implies, have a spinner on the tail of a heavy lead body. While vertical jigging is usually how these lures are used, a steady retrieve or bottom bouncing can prove to be quite effective.

Vibrating blades are made of thin metal. The fishing line is tied to a snap and then attached to a hole in the back of the lure. Some vibrating blades have more than one hole in them to help alter the action of the lure when fished. The blade is vertically jigged or rapidly retrieved to imitate a swimming baitfish. Some anglers even troll with vibrating blades because the action imitates that of a crankbait.

When using jigging lures, it may be difficult to detect a strike. This is because bass usually strike the lure when it is sinking. Keeping a tight line will help to detect the light tap of the fish. When the strike is felt, quickly set the hook.

There are many different lures that are used to catch bass. If some of the more known ways are not working, then using jigging lures may just be the key to improving your fishing success.

About the author: Chester Hastings is an avid fisherman who enjoys fishing and being outdoors.

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