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Big Walleye Fishing Tips for Fall Walleye

This newbie, big walleye, fishing tip probably isn't used by to many people any more. How it's one of the thing both my Dad and I did when we were fishing for the huge fall walleyes.

Like most of my fishing tips it's relatively simple and doesn't require 100 lb fishing line or any fancy fishing techniques. It can be used effectively from shore or in a boat that's well anchored. Just be sure you have your fishing net because when you hook something with this tip you're gonna need it.

The best fishing days for big walleyes is in the fall. The best fishing times are any time of day. ;) Fishing from about 1 hour before sunrise and 1 hour after or 1 hour before sunset and a couple of hours after has always been the best for me. But you can catch huge fish anytime of day.

I used to use braided fishing line and seldom used a leader with this setup. However now that they came out with Spider Wire, Fire Line and the rest of those types I use Berkley Fire Line on my reels and still don't use a steel leader. It's a good, tough, line to use.

Tie the line directly to a snap swivel and then add one of your 3/8ths or 1/2 ounce fishing jigs. I prefer green or black. Make sure your knot is good. Then get a stinger hook rig with about a 4 inch leader on it, at least. 5 or 6 inch would be even better. This fishing combo is called a quick strike rig. Before you use it make sure it's legal in your state.

Put the stinger hook on the jig or in the snap swivel, depending on what kind it is. They make some treble hooks as stinger hooks now so buy those that are designed to slip over the jib hook if you can. It's easier is the only reason. Oh, don't buy gigantic ones just because you're going to be fishing for big fish.

Now for the bait. Lol, ever heard the expression, Big bait, big fish. The bait is going to be a live 8-10 sucker or creek chub. Put the hook from the jig thru the baits mouth and out the top of it's lips. Don't hook it so far back in the head that you kill it. Then attach the treble hook somewhere in the center of the back of the bait.

After you have all that done just cast it out where you want it and let it sit. I leave me reel set so the line can go out when I get a bite but as soon as I see I have a bite I turn the handle and wait for the line to get tight. Then set the hook in a sweeping motion and start reeling.

You can use the same technique from a boat and fish either on the bottom or with a slip bobber. Lol, don't get to excited when the slip bobber moves around because it's probably the bait doing it. If I'm fishing walleyes from a boat, with a slip bobber, I usually add a silver or gold inline spinner between the bait and the jig.

Yes, the bait is big, yes, it's hard to cast but when you start catching 8-10 pound walleyes, and up, it's worth it. Admittedly it's easier from a boat and using a slip bobber but it works from the lakeshore, too, and it works very well. 90% of the walleyes I've caught 8 pounds or bigger came from fishing with this technique.

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